Phil 4350/5350: Catching Lives Worth Living: Participation in the Growth of a Living-learning Community

PCamp students at the mural
"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild
and precious life?" - Mary Oliver, The Summer Day


Phil 5350/5350: Catching Lives Worth Living: Participation in the Growth of a Living-Learning Community is a two-credit, week-long, educational professional development opportunity. The course is open to all qualified individuals; enrollment in a degree-granting program is not required.

Are you interested in democratic traditions of education? Do you want to learn about the pedagogical approach used in Phil 4326/5326: Lives Worth Living at the University of Minnesota? Would you like to experience first-hand the living-learning community that students and instructors are building? Are you ready to join in the learning and growth that students experience?

Educators, artists, college and university staff, human development professionals, and retirees—all who share an interest in the pedagogical approach used in Phil 4326/5326 —are welcome to apply to attend its companion course, Phil 4350/5350, for one week as resident fellows. Resident fellows involve themselves in the daily life of the course by engaging with students in all course activities and participating in instructional staff meetings. Resident fellows also have time to enjoy the peaceful country and work on their own projects. In past years, Philosophy Camp has hosted fellows from as far away as Mexico, from small colleges and the University of Minnesota, as well as non-degree-seeking individuals from the local community.